Christian Music Guitar Solos

Musica Cristiana Guitarra Tutorial

Learn How to Play Guitar Solos

You may be asking yourself, what are Christian music guitar solos? Christian guitar solos are not different from the traditional guitar solos. This can be a melodic passage, a section, or a whole piece of Christian music written for an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, or both. Christian guitar solos often contain varying levels of improvisation that can be used on presenting a Christian song at various styles of music. Christian guitar solos range from a composition for a single guitar or with accompaniment of musical instruments.

How to play Christian guitar solos? The first thing that you have to do is to look for Christian guitar tabs. Do not be confused with the words ‘chart’ or ‘tab’ that other people use as all these refer to one thing – a Christian chord chart. A “Tab” is a short name for “Tablature”. It is a notation system based on numbers. While a tab is created for people who cannot read music, it is specifically for individuals who plays the lead guitar and who want to learn playing specific guitar lead lines in Christian songs. In history, there are no complex lead lines in almost all Christian songs. However, there are simple lines that are fun to learn when trying to learn how to play Christian praise songs.

Tabs for Christian music guitar solos are beneficial for people who want to play Christian praise songs in a different approach. Christian guitar solos charts are fun for people who love to play praise songs with nearly intricate solos and want to sit for hours just to learn the fun way of playing the lead lines of their favorite Church songs.

Christian Music Guitar Solos Chart

In a guitar solo tab, the numbers represent the frets and the 6 –line layout represents the 6 strings of the guitar. This system is the easiest way to learn guitar solos and even the most novice guitar player can pick this up. You do not have to worry if you’re a beginner or just finished learning the guitar solos basics as you can do this.

But a Christian guitar solo tab is quite different from traditional guitar solo tabs. Some tabs may actually include the tablature, showing how to place your fingers right on the chords. However, most Christian solo charts have letters A-G on the top of the words of the lyrics. These letters represent the chord you have to play during that specific time of the praise song.

The guitar solo chart is pretty straightforward. The trick to learning how to play Christian guitar solos is by switching from one chord to another. You can also improve your learning experience by learning the basics of the strum patterns. With a handful of tabs for Christian solos and practicing this technique, you’ll be able to play a Christian praise song with a more unique vibe.

Online Christian Guitar Solos

The problem with most online guitar tabs for Christian solos is that many of them provide inaccurate information. Although they usually have correct lyrics, the chords are incorrect or sometimes placed incorrectly on the chart. This is not just frustrating for novice guitarists or for beginners, but also time consuming to fix for intermediate guitarists.

At you can find guitar solos for Christian songs that are not just accurate, but also fun to learn. Although you can find websites that offer accurate guitar solos for Christian praise songs, many of them are often available for a small amount of money. Why should you pay for guitar solos for your favorite Christian songs if you can have them at no cost?

Christian Music Guitar Solos are educational, exciting, and easy all at the same time. You can find many of your Gospel song favorites with the chords and melody cleverly placed in every word. Christian Music Guitar Solos will take you step-by-step through each Gospel song, explaining to you the details through an easy and straightforward 


You will not just learn how to play your Christian praise song favorites, but also gain the skills that will enable you to put together guitar solos of your own after mastering the solos courses. These solos are few of its kind as there is not much information about Christian guitar solos that can be found online.

Tips for Learning Gospel Guitar Songs

Gospel songs have come a long way from traditional hymns that people are used to listen to when growing up. Contemporary gospel music has paved the path for Christian praise songs that sound more modern, bus still use the base of Gospel as a lyrical pool.

Nowadays, there is greater amount of Gospel songs that people can enjoy more than before. You can learn simple gospel guitar songs easily, even if you’re a beginner. For intermediate guitarists, there are gospel guitar solos that will challenge their skills while at the same time allow them to play gospel songs in a unique way. Here are some tips that can help you learn how to play Christian praise songs easily.

  • Pick Christian Praise Songs that has More Meaning to You

Being able to play the guitar is a gift or talent. Although playing the guitar is simple, you may not actually play the Gospel song that way it has to be played, even if you have such skills. You know that its the lyrics of the music that people connect with, and so as you. Probably, you may have different favorites, so you cannot play the guitar song well. Therefore, choose a Gospel song that speaks to you. Through this, you can easily adapt with the lyrics of the song and learn easily.

  • Learn the Basics

Learning the basis of playing the guitar is the most important thing that all accomplished guitarists do. Keep in mind that you can never advance if you do not master the basics of guitar. If you plan on learning how to plat Christian guitar solos, then you must have a deep knowledge on the guitar basics. Through this way, you can easily adapt and play the chords no matter how complex they are.